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Hi there!
We are Chamekke.

(By the way, Chamekke is pronounced Chə-MET-KEH.)

Design...and more.

We're currently most involved in web design. We plan, design, and build bilingual websites for Japanese companies, in cooperation with other designers. We've also done graphic design projects, website translation, etc. so far.

And... to those of you viewing this website from abroad, we believe that we can probably offer something more.

We had a chance to write up a report on a specific Japanese culture in request from a foreign company for their marketing purpose. This lead us to think that we could provide more services to bridge the gap between Japan and the world. Information or something creative, let us know if you have something you think you need support for but don't know where to look.

Where we come from.

Yu and Saori are the two members of Chamekke. We are Japanese and both grew up outside of Japan. Beneath all the skills we have, this background is at the core of everything.

Chamekke roughly means "playfulness" in Japanese. We call ourselves that because we believe that having a little spare fun room in mind when working produces better results (and it's simply more fun to work that way). Perhaps this may somewhat be a Japanese way of thinking, too.

The Team

Yu Sato

Designer/Web Developer/Translator

Yu spent most of his youth outside of Japan and has lived in places like Brussels, London, L.A., Houston, Toronto before he came back to Tokyo for university. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Tokyo.

As a designer, web developer, and translator at Chamekke, Yu takes on projects that require his creative and linguistic skills as well as experiences abroad. Even a simple bilingual website is not as simple as it seems when Japanese and English, two vastly different languages and cultures, are concerned. Yu puts various efforts into creating an end product that resonates with as many viewers/users as possible.

Yu loves nature, science and art.

Saori Sato


Saori moved to L.A. with her family when she was 3 and spent the rest of her childhood and adolescence moving back and forth between Japan and North America.

In 2011, after experiencing the Great East Japan Earthquake and witnessing the fragility of life, Saori decided to leave her job in the office and start following her heart. She began helping people capture memorable moments as a portrait photographer. She also works as a translator now.

Favorite foods: vegetables, brown rice, and miso soup.

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